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Rebates available on the popular vended ExpressDry+ Stack60 & SuperStack90.
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Open-pocket equipment

CG West offers a wide array of Girbau Industrial open-pocket washers and dryers. Offered in a variety of capacities — and in tilt and static models, they are efficient, highly productive and simple to use.

HS-6 Series Washer-Extractors

130-, 190- and 255-pound capacities

Touting highly programmable controls and soft-mount designs, HS-6 Series Washers offer high-speed extract, unsurpassed durability, advanced efficiency and superior performance.

ST-1302 Dryer with Vacuum Load

Engineered for unrivaled ergonomics, energy-efficiency and productivity, the ST-1302 dries up to 140 pounds of laundry in less than 15 minutes. Featuring industry-unique features, including patented vacuum loading and automated Spirotilt unloading, the ST-1302 is perhaps the quickest, most efficient and user-friendly dryer on the market. Available in gas, steam, or thermal fluid heat, the ST-1302 works seamlessly as part of Girbau industrial's Continuous Batch Washing System or in tandem with open-pocket washers.

ST-2700 Dryer

The ST2700 dryer is designed to dry with maximum energy efficiency. With a drying time of less than 11 minutes, and a consumption of 1706 BTU/lb of evaporated water, it is a leader in efficiency and environmentally friendly operation. When equipped with suction loading, the ST2700 provides compact, ergonomic and efficient drying that meets the requirements of laundries with medium to high-volume production. Patented by Girbau, Suction Loading together with fully automatic unloading allows for easy and safe operation.

GT-Series Dryers

170- and 200-pound capacities

GT-Series Tumblers are engineered with quality components, easy-to-use programmable controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and energy-efficiency. With up to 200 pounds of capacity and gas or steam heat, GT-Series Dryers allow maximum production when matched with HS-6 Series Washers.