Commercial Laundry Equipment Servicing in Los Angeles, CA

Your commercial laundry equipment does so much for your guests, tenants, or customers. These machines can handle massive amounts of laundry to accommodate all the guests and clients you will serve over the life of your business.

The importance of regular commercial laundry machine servicing cannot be overstated, as regular service will keep your machines as refreshed as they keep the clothing in your customers’ laundry loads.

CG West offers commercial laundry equipment servicing as part of our mission to provide commercial operators with the best in commercial laundry to better benefit their bottom line. If your Los Angeles, CA, business relies on commercial laundry machines for any of your functions, give us a call and get them serviced.

The Work They Do

Commercial laundry machines are the unsung heroes of more businesses than most people realize. Not merely the purview of landlords, laundromats, and luxury hotels with in-house laundry services, these machines can aid a plethora of other businesses in their day-to-day operations.

Where would a spa or salon be without the ability to clean and dry their towels efficiently, ready for the next day of helping customers relax and recharge? What restaurant could get through the week without an easy way to thoroughly clean hand towels, tablecloths, or toques and aprons? And hospitals and other healthcare establishments must sanitize linens and scrubs to an exceptionally high standard.

All of these businesses rely on commercial laundry machines and often have too much going on to begin to think about them until they break down. Regular servicing keeps these machines in top shape, allowing your business to run at peak performance.

What a Service Entails

When a commercial laundry service technician comes to your place of business, they will thoroughly look over your equipment and take notes of any damage or wear that is abnormal for the age of your machines. They may be able to prevent some potential future problems quickly with simple fixes, such as adjusting a hose on a washing machine or deep-cleaning a dryer vent.

Your technician will also perform tests to ensure that the electrical, mechanical, and fluid systems on your commercial laundry equipment are working exactly as they should. They can advise you on what parts are likely to wear out first and require replacement and will give you an idea of when your business will need to budget for replacement parts or new equipment altogether.

Reach out to our technicians for service today.