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October 2018

Vended Laundry Development System

On behalf of vended laundry investors, CG West details every facet of laundry development, which in turn, helps investors build successful laundries and gain lower financing rates. CG West provides a thorough analysis of a potential laundry’s success by encapsulating a number of components into one professional Vended Laundry Development report. This same evaluation tool is very useful in evaluating an existing laundry to determine if the store, equipment mix and services offered are being fully captured. Sometimes existing owners don’t evaluate the changing demographics of the market in order to make educated decisions on how to better serve their markets. This tool is invaluable in identifying market trends and changes, according to CG West Vice President Tod Sorensen.

“We analyze potential stores in a very thorough and detailed manner,” said Sorensen. “This allows CG West to ensure the financing company and investor are on the same playing field and fully understand the potential laundry’s location, demographics, sales volume estimates and proforma.”

CG West Vended Laundry Development reports include the following:

1. Demographic Analysis Short Form — The Short Form translates a 12-16 page demographic report into a single sheet that focuses on specifics that matter most in laundry development (population density, rental density, family income, etc.).

2. Demographic How To — This point-by-point summary explains where numbers come from and how they apply.

3. Potential Sales Volume Estimator — It automatically transfers demographic data from the Short Form and applies value to the numbers. It details competition, demographics and neighborhood to valuate potential.

4. Location Analysis Survey (Scorecard) — This is a scoring sheet that’s completed only if the demographic summary fits the criteria and the market valuation looks promising when competitive stores are considered. It’s important to the financing source.

5. Proforma — This Illustrates data for cash flow analysis and is used by lenders to qualify a loan, including return on investment, wash/dry income, turns per day and annual increase projections for income, rent and labor.

6. Potential Resale Value — It details potential resale value as income increases over time.

Do you have a laundry location in mind? Contact CG West today to understand its viability.

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