Sports Laundry Systems: High-performance Washers

Sports Laundry Systems are equipped with high-speed washers-extractors available in a variety of capacities to fit specific production requirements. Simple to operate, they are highly programmable to ensure a variety of athletic items – loops, towels, uniforms, sweats – are properly and consistently cleaned, no matter who does the laundry.

Control over Cleaning Process

A highly flexible control offers excellent programmability for complete control over every phase of the wash process – ensuring items are perfectly cleaned for practices and game days. Once the programs are set, operators select a program number and press start. Nearly every variable of the wash cycle is programmable and automated to combine water temperature and levels with the proper mix of cleaning chemicals, extract speeds and rotation action. Automatic chemical injection eliminates damage to athletic items.

Demanding Performance – Productivity

The washers extract at speeds of up to 381 G-force. Most traditional washers extract at speeds of 75-200 G-force. As extract speeds go up, so does the amount of water removed from a laundry load. This cuts resulting dry time by as much as 40 percent – bolstering laundry productivity.


Washers are backed by a 5/3-year manufacturer’s warranty.