Sports Laundry Systems: High-Performance Drying Tumbler

Offering a quicker dry that’s easier on athletic fabrics, Sports Laundry System Dryers come in a variety of sizes to meet varying productivity needs. They feature moisture sensing and fire extinguishing technology, as well.

Programmable Drying for Any Fabric Type

The Dryers offer programmable cycle types, time-dry, auto-dry and moisture sensing so athletic laundry is NEVER over-dried, damaged or burned. Once the programs are set, operators enter a program number and press start. The dryers have an automatic reminder to clean the lint screen and an end-of-cycle signal. Once that signal sounds, an extended-tumble feature initiates an unheated tumble action to reduce wrinkles!

Moisture Sensing for Perfect Drying

Unique to Sports Laundry System Dryers, a moisture sensing system with 12 programmable dryness levels and additional programmable heat time, targets dryness levels of a load from 0 to 40 percent. When a load reaches its preset dryness level, the dryer stops operation. Thus, athletic laundry experiences less damage and as much as 31 percent less fiber loss. Moisture Sensing is an optional feature on the 60- and 75-pound capacity dryers, and standard on the 115-pound capacity model.

Safety from Fire

All Sports Laundry System Dryers offer an integrated sprinkler system, a sensing and extinguishing device that squelches dryer fires before they get out of control. This feature ensures athletic facilities are better protected from the hazards and damage caused by dryer fires.


The dryers are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.