Washer-Extractors for On-Premise Laundries

CG West proudly offers Continental on-premise laundry equipment – washer-extractors, drying tumblers and finishing systems. Continental washer-extractors bring the ultimate in energy-efficiency, durability, programmability and performance to on-premise industrial laundries all backed by an industry leading, 3/5-year limited factory warranty.

eseries high performance soft mount commercial washersE-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors
20- to 255-pound capacities

E-Series commercial washers are among the most energy efficient on the market. Not only are they simple to install thanks to a freestanding, soft-mount design, E-Series commercial washers remove more water per load during extract than most traditional hard-mount washers. This is because they reach up to 387 G-force extract speeds, where most hard-mount washers attain only 70-90 G-force. The difference? E-Series commercial washers cut dry time by up to 40 percent, which significantly bolsters on-premise laundry productivity, decreases natural gas consumption and cuts labor. Featuring unrivaled programmability, E-Series commercial washers properly clean virtually any fabric type using the most advanced programmable controls available.
View Machine Specs: EH020, EH030, EH040, EH055, EH090, EH130 and EH255
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g-flex hard mount commercial washersG-Flex Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors
33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities

G-Flex Washers reach considerably higher G-force extract speeds than most other hard-mount washers. They offer programmable extract speeds up to 200 G-force, the LogiPro Control, energy-efficiency and durability. Continental’s most advanced hard-mount washers remove more water from every load, cutting dry time for gains in productivity. G-Flex Washers also deliver the flexibility of six programmable extract speeds, including 100, 140 and 200 G-force. Superior programmability means laundries can properly clean a variety of fabrics and load types depending on specific laundry needs. The highly flexible Logi Pro Control offers 25 individually modifiable programs—each with up to 11 baths, including multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. Variables within each bath—including wash temperature, water levels, cycle times, rotation and G-force extract speeds—can be individually programmed for maximum efficiency given the load type. Backed by a limited 5/3-year ContinentalCare™ warranty
View Machine Specs: RMG040, RMG055 and RMG070
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high performance hard mount commercial washer extractorsREM-Series High-Performance Hard-Mount
25-pound capacities

Featuring a compact footprint and up to 108 G-force extract, the REM-Series Washer offers a high-performance small-load solution for on-premise laundries focused on improving productivity, lowering utility costs and lengthening linen life. It operates on single-phase power with inverter technology, and offers a highly programmable Logi control. Backed by a limited 5/3-year ContinentalCare Warranty™.
View Machine Specs: REM025
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hard mount commercial washersL-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors
75- and 125-pound capacities

These hard-mount commercial washer-extractors are Continental's proven flagship machines. Generating up to 131 G-force extract speeds, they offer on-premise laundries superior efficiency, durability and programmability. They offer easy-to-use programmable controls.
View Machine Specs: L1075 and L1125
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topload commercial washersEcon-O-Wash Top-load Washer
Singleload capacity

Ideal for small load applications, the Econ-O-Wash top-load washer provides affordable efficiency. Unlike most home-style top-load washers, which guzzle around 30-40 gallons of water per load, the Econ-O-Wash is engineered with a water saving feature that uses just 23.7 gallons per load. It features a durable porcelain enamel washtub, a scratch-resistant, hard-baked porcelain enamel top and lid, a heavy-duty, two-speed motor, and a corrosion-resistant polypropylene pump-all wrapped up in a rugged galvanized steel cabinet.
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