Drying Tumblers for On-Premise Laundries

To complement Continental’s line of washer-extractors, CG West offers a full line of Continental drying tumblers and Continental flatwork ironers for on-premise laundries. Backed by industry leading, limited factory warranties, Continental drying tumblers and flatwork ironers can cut labor expense, heighten safety and bring the ultimate in programmability and performance to on-premise industrial laundries.

commercial dryer for an on-premise laundryPro-Series™ II Drying Tumblers
20- to 175-pound capacity single pocket units;
30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stack units

Engineered for longevity – even with constant use – these commercial dryers are constructed with rugged internal components, easy-to-use programmable microprocessor controls and a craved features that boost laundry production and heighten energy-efficiency.
View Single Pocket Machine Specs: CG20-30, CG30-40, CG55-65, CG50-60, CG75-85, CG115-25 and CG165-75
View Dual Pocket Machine Specs: CG30-30 and CG4545
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small capacity dryer for commercial laundriesE-Series Drying Tumblers
20-pound capacity

Constructed to mirror the energy and efficiency of the E-Series 20-pound capacity washer, this dryer fits the bill for small-load drying. Featuring AISI-304 stainless steel top, front and side panels, the E-Series commercial dryer is durable—boasting a 7.0 cu. ft. cylinder and 1/3 HP motor. Engineered with efficient axial airflow to maximize water removal, this commercial dryer dries laundry more quickly—saving utility costs. E-Series commercial dryers offer four temperature settings, including high, medium, low and delicate.
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singleload capacity dryer for commercial applicationsEcon-O-Dry Dryers
Singleload and stacked doubleload capacities

Featuring a robust cylinder capacity, this commercial dryer handles larger loads of laundry and delivers enhanced tumble action through axial airflow technology—moving air more evenly through laundry items for a quicker dry!
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