LG High-Efficiency Commercial Dryer
for On-Premise Laundries

lg on premise commercial dryerEngineered to fit the productivity and efficiency needs of a variety of on-premise laundries, LG Dryers fit into small spaces – thanks to a smaller footprint – yet offer more drying capacity than similar machines. A 7.3 cu.ft. drum not only handles more laundry, it delivers better performance and decreased tangles and wrinkles. With AdaptAble™ Controls, LG Dryers offer unsurpassed installation flexibility.
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Easy to Use

Just select one of the four fabric options – Whites & Color (high heat), Perm. Press (medium heat), Delicates (low heat), or No Heat – then press the start button. The LG Dryer is simple to use. Once the load is dry, an end-of-cycle tone sounds. Meanwhile, the control panel features a digital display illuminating cycle time countdown, and LED lights indicate cycle status. An extra-large door simplifies loading and unloading!

Simple Programming

The LG Dryer allows laundries to manage a variety of functions thanks to a programmable control. These include cycle time, drying temperatures, cool-down time and top-offs. Cycle time is programmable in one-minute increments and time countdown can be set for minutes or seconds. Dryer top-off options for adding more time can be programmed for one-minute increments. Default settings include a 45-minute cycle time with two minute cool-down, and a 15-minute top-off time.

Quiet Operation

Ssshhhh! Feel good knowing that LG Commercial Dryers are among the quietest in their class!

Secure and Flexible

Installation flexibility is critical to many on-premise laundries, especially when space is lacking. The LG Dryer has AdaptAble™ Controls and a reversible door that allow stacking with an LG Washer or Dryer. Moreover, there's a Dual Lock System that provides added security when accessing the front panel.

Durable for Years of Operation

Not only do LG Dryers withstand constant use, they offer a clean, modern look; durable, stainless chrome door; and stainless drum.