Folders & Stackers for Commercial Laundries

ft lite folder for commercial laundriesFT-LITE Folder for On-premise Laundries

An on-premise laundry dry goods folder, the FT-LITE is economic, compact and productive. Automatically folding up to 1,000 small- and large-scale items per hour (maximum dimension of 47 x 94.5 inches), it handles items including washcloths, hand towels, bath towels and airline blankets. Operators manually feed items onto a feeding table for rapid and accurate folding and stacking.
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FL-LITE Folder for On-premise Laundries

fl lite folder for commercial laundriesAdaptable to any ironer on the market, the FL-LITE Flatwork Folder delivers precision folding at processing speeds of up to 164 feet per minute. It quickly folds a variety of items, including sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, and can significantly boost the productivity of any on-premise laundry—especially when paired with the AP-LITE stacker. Adaptable to any ironer on the market, no matter the manufacturer or roller diameter, the FL-LITE features a touch-screen control with a series of graphic menus and 20 program options to fit specific folding requirements.
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AP-LITE Drop Stacker

ap lite stacker for commercial laundriesThe AP-LITE drop stacker features an effective flap-drop system and an upper belt for exceptional stacking quality. Specifically designed to work with the FL-LITE Folder, it stacks items according to the initially selected quantity and number of items per stack. The Stacker then discharges the stacks onto a delivery conveyor. Once connected to the FL-LITE Folder, the AP-LITE is programmed via the Folder Control. The AP-LITE stacker keeps pace with the FL-LITE Folder and can process up to 100 stacks of 10 per hour (1,000 items).
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