Express Heated-Roll Flatwork Ironers

13- or 20-inch diameter rolls w/multiple finishing widths

Productivity and Quality at its Finest

The Express Flatwork Ironer line is a team of waxless ironers capable of finishing up to 50 feet of linen per minute. Available in 13- and 20-inch roll diameters and up to 125-inch finishing widths, Express Flatwork Ironers boast fast processing speeds; an easily accessible lint cleanout; a wide, metallic feeding tray; reinforced lateral bearings; and multiple heating systems and types.

All models are available in natural gas or electric heating, and the 20-inch is also available in steam heating. Making the most of available space, these return-to-feed ironers can be installed 12 to 18 inches from a wall.

High Quality Results without Dryer Conditioning

Express Flatwork Ironers feature an exclusive Kinematic® strap tensioning system that applies three-and-a-half times more pressure to linen than traditional roll type ironers. This system, combined with an integrated stainless steel vacuum manifold and high BTU input, evaporates moisture quickly—making one pass ironing possible without dryer conditioning. Linens can be fed directly from the washer to the ironer, saving valuable labor and energy!

No-Wax Finishing Means Less Mess & Hassle

Express Heated-Roll Ironers bring no-wax finishing technology to laundries. Thanks to machined-steel cylinders, which are mirror polished and chrome plated, laundries avoid the messy, high maintenance application and stripping of roll wax. Not only is the no-wax design less hassle, it also reduces the labor and material costs associated with wax maintenance. Plus, it eliminates linen damage caused by wax contact—extending the life of linen and machine feed ribbons and pressure bands.

The Difference is in the Control

Express Ironers offer two programmable controls – the Logi and Inteli. Continental's Logi Control – available on 13-inch models – provides simple control over important ironing variables. The Inteli Control – available on 20-inch models – provides the ultimate in programmability and energy efficiency. The control features an LCD display, allowing the ironer to be easily programmed using a highly intuitive set of icons. The icons display the program, temperature, speed and article length, making it simple to use.

Auto Speed® – Critical to Boosted Laundry Production

All Express Ironers share the exclusive benefit of Continental's patented AutoSpeed® System. This programmable control option automatically modifies cylinder speed based on variations in the cylinder temperature. The AutoSpeed process eliminates high- and low-temperature fluctuations, assuring constant ironing temperatures and the highest quality finishing results in just one pass. Plus, AutoSpeed helps eliminate the variable of human error – incorrect temperature and speed settings – that can result in damage to linens.

Self-Diagnostic Maintenance

The Quick Check™ Service package, standard on all Express Ironers, saves laundries time and money. The feature helps users diagnose maintenance and service needs from the control pad. Electrical components, temperature actuators, mechanical functions and safety checks can be performed easily. When service is necessary, Express Ironers are designed with easy-to-remove panels for quick access to the drive system and control.

Optional Folding

Continental's 20-inch Express Ironers feature an optional integrated folding system that enables automatic folding as linen exits the ironer. A system of photocells where the linen enters and exits calculates the total length of the article. There is no need to enter the measurements for the item.

Durability Second to None

Built with enhanced durability, Express Flatwork Ironers are engineered with four and eight lateral bearings, available on 13- and 20-inch models, respectively. The bearings are heavy duty to prevent failure and are self-aligning—ensuring they are in constant contact with the roll for superior operability and less bearing wear-and-tear. All Express Ironers carry a ContinentalCare™ warranty – among the best in the industry!

Ergonomic and easy to maintain

Making the process of feeding linens more efficient, the Express line features a feeding table double the size of Continental's previous ironing lines, as well as metallic feeding tray that eliminates friction of linen against the feeding tray as it is being fed into the ironer. The smooth finish of the tray aids in dressing the linens for improved feeding efficiency and better ironing results. For simple accessibility and maintenance, Express Ironers feature a quick release side panel for easy access to the drive system and control. The lint drawer pulls out from the back of the machine for easy cleaning and the heat vent exits the top of the machine for ease of installation – especially in tight spaces.

Built-in Safety Features

At any laundry, safety comes first. That's why Continental Express Ironers are designed with built in safeguards including an emergency stop button, electrical circuit safeguards, an independent switch disconnect, a pressure-sensitive hand guard at the ironer feeding area and a manual forward that will advance linen in the event of power failure.

Ironer Specs:
13-inch roll: X13061 and X13084
20-inch roll: X20075, X20100 and X20125
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