Tunnel System for Industrial Laundries

Capable of processing up to 3,300 pounds of laundry per hour, Girbau Industrial's continuous washing system bolsters laundry efficiency and productivity, while reducing labor. The system consists of a loading conveyor, a TBS-50 Continuous Batch Washer, a SPR-50 Water Extraction Press, a shuttle lifting conveyor, ST-100 Dryers and a Central Control. Via the Central Control the laundry process is programmed and managed, according to individual load needs.

Loading Conveyor

The Loading conveyor – available in inclined or horizontal configurations – automatically loads laundry batches, by weight, into the batch washer.

TBS-50 Batch Washer

Girbau Industrial's TBS-50 Batch Washer – available in five- to 12-modules, each with 110 pounds of capacity – is an extremely flexible tunnel washer configurable to the specific processing needs of any high-volume laundry. Designed with a water reclamation system The TBS-50 Batch Washer reuses water at specific points during the wash process. The freshest rinse water is used on the cleanest linen to ensure pristine wash results. Once the load is rinsed, the used rinse water is redirected to a holding tank and used a second time to wash another load of soiled goods. Superior programmability along with its series of identical, highly flexible wash modules, allows for infinite configurability to meet very specific laundry needs of each customer and load. The TBS-50 is programmable by module for water temperature and levels, duration of the wash cycle, mechanical action, bath partitions, rapid draining, chemical injection, closing parameters and more. It's easy to use and offers a clear graphic display showing real-time process data.

SPR-50 Extraction Press

Utilizing hydraulic pressure, the SPR-50 Extraction Press efficiently extracts water from saturated loads of linen—pressing loads into round laundry cakes that are automatically transported to the dryer or ironing lines via conveyors. The SPR-50 Extraction Press applies hydraulic pressure to loads exiting any type batch washer. In doing so, it efficiently presses linen into a round laundry cake. With high-capacity drainage facilities, water is extracted from the load quickly and gently—significantly shortening subsequent dry time and improving laundry productivity. From the SPR-50 Press, linen travels on conveyors and is automatically loaded into dryers. The SPR-50 is appropriate for all linen types. Highly programmable, the press offers 16 programs and control over pressure variables, including options for vapor barrier fabric. The SPR-50 single-stage press is available in three positioning options at the batch washer outlet: in-line, turns to the right, or turns to the left.

Shuttle Lifting Conveyor

With single or double cake configurations, Girbau Industrial Shuttle Lifting Conveyors transport laundry “cakes” from the press into auto-loading/unloading dryers. Girbau Industrial Shuttle Lifting Conveyors automatically move pressed cakes of laundry into up to six dryers. The Shuttle Lifting Conveyors – available to fit the specific needs of any high-volume laundry – feature one or two 43.3 x 50.4 inch tables capable of loading 220 pounds of laundry.

ST-100 Dryer

Available in gas, steam, thermal fluid heat or tumble only, the ST-100 Dryer is engineered to unbind and condition or completely dry up to 275 pounds of laundry per load, using less energy. The ST-100 Dryer works seamlessly with Girbau Industrial's TBS-50 Batch Washer, SPR-50 Water Extraction Press and shuttle conveyor, or as a stand-alone dryer. Its robust heating system effectively circulates air through the load while efficiently removing moisture from inside the cylinder for a quicker dry. This drying tumbler is engineered with Spirotilt-Girbau™—optimizing drying and simplifying automated unloading.

Central Control

The Central Control seamlessly links, controls and monitors all components and processes of the Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System. From the Central Control, laundry loads are color coded and easily tracked.