Store Video: Huntington Beach Laundry

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Huntington Beach Laundy

Huntington Beach, California
Year Established: 2005 • Sq. Footage: 2,440

Sparklean Laundry, a 2,500-square-foot, card-operated laundry, brings its neighborhood something unique – a themed Hawaiian environment complete with thatched huts, murals and salt-water fish tanks; and bigger, more powerful Continental commercial laundry equipment. With durability and efficiency in mind, the store features a line-up of Continental equipment that includes 34 commercial front load washers and 22 stack dryers. The store's two 75-pound capacity Continental Power Loads are located in full view of the laundry's front windows. “We allow customers with families to do something here, that they can't do in their homes with their own equipment,” says owner David Stark. Thanks to the Power Loads, customers can complete family amounts of laundry in less than two hours.

Equipment Mix

  • 14 – Continental DoubleLoad Washer-Extractors
  • 12 – Continental TripleLoad Washer-Extractors
  • 5 – Continental ExtraLoad Washer-Extractors
  • 2 – Continental PowerLoad Washer-Extractors
  • 18 – Continental Stack Drying Tumblers
  • 2 – Continental 80-pound Drying Tumblers
  • Topload Washers
  • Amenities – Fully Attended, Drop-off Laundry Service, Satellite Television, Children`s Play Area, Vending Machines, Debit Card System

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