LG Card- & Coin-Operated Dryers
for Self Service Laundries

lg card operated commercial dryerBig drying power and capacity in a smaller footprint sets LG commercial dryers apart. Their large 7.3 cu.ft. drum not only dries more laundry in less time, it helps eliminate fabric tangles and wrinkles. LG commercial dryers offer ease of use and flexible installation options, including the ability to stack with other LG Dryers and Washers.
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Simple to Operate

Designed for ease of use, customers appreciate a control that illuminates vend price, cycle time countdown, and cycle status. After loading their laundry via an oversized door, customers simply select one of the four fabric options – White and Color (High heat), Perm Press (Medium heat), Delicates & Knits (Low heat), or No Heat – then press the start button. At the end of the cycle, a buzzer sounds.

Near Silent Operation

A quiet environment is critical to the success of any vended laundry. That's why LG commercial dryers are among the quietest in their class.

Installation Flexibility and Secure Coin Box

Meeting any vended laundry's equipment and space requirements, LG Dryers feature AdaptAble™ Controls and a reversible door for installation flexibility, and the ability to stack with LG commercial washers and dryers Also, feel good knowing that no one can access the coin box without both internal and external keys. This is thanks to a Dual Lock System on the front panel and coin vault access.

Engineered for Constant Use

LG commercial dryers are sleek, modern and durable. They feature stainless chrome doors and drums for years of rigorous use.

Smart Programming

An intuitive control allows vended laundry owners to manage a variety of functions, including vend price, cycle time, drying temperatures, cool-down time and top-offs. Cycle time is programmable in one-minute increments and time countdown can be set for minutes or seconds. Dryer top-off options for adding more time can be programmed for one-minute increments. Default settings include a 45-minute cycle time with two minute cool-down, and a 15-minute top-off time.