Card- & Coin-Operated Washer-Extractors

Continental Girbau designs and delivers quality laundry equipment vital to the success of any self-service laundry. Hard-mount and freestanding washers are available, along with stacked and single-pocket dryers. Many of our products offer superior energy-efficiency designed to improve profit potential.

express wash energy efficient soft mount washer extractorContinental High-Speed ExpressWash Commercial Washers
20-, 30-, 40-, 55- and 90-pound capacities

ExpressWash commercial washers are among the most energy efficient on the market. Not only are they simple to install thanks to a freestanding, soft-mount design, ExpressWash coin-operated commercial washers remove more water per load during extract than most traditional hard-mount washers. This is because they reach up to 380 G-force extract speeds, where most hard-mount washers attain only 70-90 G-force. The difference? ExpressWash coin-operated washers cut dry time by up to 40 percent, which in turns cuts natural gas consumption, and the time it takes customers to complete laundry. Using ExpressWash Washers, customers are in and out in 60 minutes or less and coin laundries enjoy lower utility bills and boosted profits.
View Machine Specs: EH020, EH030, EH040, EH055 and EH090
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g-flex hard-mount washer extractorContinental G-Flex Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors
33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities

G-Flex Washer-Extractors generate extract speeds up to 200 G-force, offer the highly programmable ProfitPlus™ Control, and deliver superior results using less water and energy. Available in 33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities, G-Flex Washers also deliver the flexibility of six programmable extract speeds, including 100, 140 and 200 G-force. G-Flex Washers offer high-speed extract, which reduces dry time, lowers utility usage and improves customer turnover. G-force extract speeds on the G-Flex Washer can also be adjusted to meet most coin laundries’ specific infrastructure limitations. G-Flex Washers are equipped with the ProfitPlus™ Control, which offers four primary cycle options: SUPERWASH, an extra-long cycle for heavy soil; HOT, for whites; WARM for colorfast and permanent press items; and COLD for colors. It also allows the customer to add an EXTRA WASH, EXTRA RINSE and/or DELICATE CYCLE. Backed by a limited 10/4/3-year ContinentalCare™ Warranty.
View Machine Specs: RMG040, RMG055 and RMG070
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energy efficient hard mount washer extractorContinental REM-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractor
25-pound capacity

Featuring a compact footprint and up to 108 G-force extract, the REM-Series Washer operates on single-phase power, features a highly programmable control and offers a compact design for more profit potential per square foot. Backed by a limited 10/4/3-year ContinentalCare™ Warranty.
View Machine Specs: REM025
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hard mount washer extactorContinental L-Series Hard-Mount
75- and 125-pound capacities

These hard-mount commercial washer-extractors are Continental's proven flagship machines. Generating up to 131 G-force extract speeds, they offer coin laundries superior efficiency, durability and programmability. Standard with a digital-coin drop, the coin-operated washers are also available debit-card ready and offer easy-to-use programmable controls.
View Machine Specs: L1075 and L1125
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topload washer for laundromatContinental Econ-O-Wash Top-Load Washers

Econ-O-Wash Top-load Commercial Washers use less water and provide greater efficiency than most home-style top-load washers. Constructed for unrivaled longevity, they also feature a user-friendly control. Unlike most coin-operated commercial top-load washers, which guzzle around 40 gallons of water per load, the Econ-O-Wash topload uses a skimpy 23.7 gallons per load.
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