Card- & Coin-Operated Laundry

row of washers in speed wash laundryThe CG West team is highly experienced in the development of laundries. In every endeavor, we partner with our clients to develop and improve both card- and coin-operated laundries in order to bolster customer turnover and profits.

We work hard to help clients determine appropriate locations for their coin laundries – based on demographic studies and traffic patterns – and then assist them with store layout, planning, equipment mix, installation and marketing. Developing new coin laundries – or renovating existing coin laundries – isn't easy. That's why our team walks customers through the process step-by-step.

In the end, we work to develop highly distinctive and unique laundry operations known for energy-efficiency, profitability and customer convenience. We work to achieve our clients' dreams.

Greening Laundries

laundry systems for a greener world logoCG West not only delivers unmatched services, our Continental laundry equipment offers unsurpassed performance and efficiency. At coin laundries, highly efficient laundry equipment is critical to driving down utility costs that otherwise squelch profits. By choosing the right commercial washers and drying tumblers, coin laundries use less energy, water and natural gas – and simultaneously – improve customer turnover and profits. Continental's FREE online energy analysis can show you this savings! Check it out…it's dramatic!